Life’s Vital Statistics

Statistics play a significant role in information dissemination. We live in a knowledge era and the sheer amount of available information is, to say the least, mind-boggling. Statistical information therefore helps in reducing the amount of information to a manageable proportion, without compromising the value inherent in the information being disseminated.

You Need A Variegated Network

Everywhere you turn you hear people talk about network and/or networking. The other day, I saw two comments in the message a friend sent to me that underscore the importance of network / networking. One says, “If you’re not networking, you’ll soon stop working”. The second one reads, “Your network determines your net worth.”

Live by Design Not by Default

The Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary defines design as the art or process of deciding how something will look, work…by drawing plans and making models. Design is is also defined as an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions (WordNet). Its synonyms are purpose, intent, and aim.