Rudiments of Personal Success II

Having a plan means defining how you want to achieve your goals. If goal-setting is the ‘what’ in the journey to personal success then a plan is the ‘how’. Without a plan of action, goal achievement would be a mirage. A plan of action is the bridge between where you are and where you are going. It’s also referred to as strategy.

Rudiments of Personal Success I

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll discuss the rudiments of personal success. I believe success is personal. I say so for two reasons. The first reason is that succeeding in anything in life is your responsibility. People can contribute to your success but ultimately you’re the architect of your success. Secondly, success is a thing of the mind; you’re as successful as you think.

Do What You Know

Wisdom is defined as the application of knowledge. To do what you know therefore is to be wise. A friend of mine said, “You don’t know what you know, until what you know knows you.” The only way that happens is when you do something with what you know. It’s when you do what you know that what you know becomes part of you.

How To Overcome Life’s Biggest Challenge

In my book Live the Significant Life, I defined life as God’s nature. I said it’s the quality we share with God because the Scripture makes us understand that when God breathed into man, he became a living soul. That’s about all we will ever get without any efforts on our part. Beyond the life (of God) we all have, what every one of us becomes and invariably possesses is dependent on our ability to overcome the challenges we face in life.

Simplify Your Life!

In a figurative sense, life is the course of human events and activities. The complexity of life derives from the multiplicity of these human events and activities. Given the complexity, one skill we all need to develop is the ability to simplify life issues.