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Doing it yourself may not be a viable option You cannot succeed by yourself. My studies in personal development confirm that human life experiences are fairly similar so much so that if you get an expert to coach or train you in a particular area of life, your chance of success in that area will increase significantly. My commitment to personal development saw me through a rather turbulent regulator-induced banking consolidation period between 2004 and 2006. The training from some of the experts in personal development enabled me overcome the fear of job loss and facilitated the accomplishment of set personal goals: mortgage-free residential property and passive income earning (dividends and rent). By 2010, having been equipped with adequate knowledge of my strengths, I was able to voluntarily resign from my paid job to fulfill my dream of becoming self-employed. One of the significant impacts of my personal development efforts was that it saved me from the calamitous effect of the near-collapse of the Nigerian Capital Market in 2008. After reading a book that contained the dangers of margin loans, I paid down my margin loan long before the market experienced a massive downturn.

Fees structure

Given the varying nature, scope of and time requirement for these services, it’s difficult to include a detailed list of the fees structure in this write-up. However, when I have an idea of the type of service(s) required, I can advise the applicable fees fairly quickly. To hire me for any of the mentioned services, please contact me, and I promise to respond in a timely manner. God bless you.