Live the Significant Life
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Book Description

From the beginning of time, man has predicated his existence on survival. This he took as the essence of his life. As a result of this orientation, man made the pursuit of material possessions his preoccupation. Growing evidence however supports the view that the satisfaction man thought he would find still eludes him even after amassing so much wealth. In the last century, there have been various researches into the essence of life since the unprecedented abundance recorded especially in developed nations has not made people happier. At the forefront of these researches are renowned scientists, sociologists, psychologists and philosophers. The school of thought now is that beyond success, where man can adequately provide for himself and his immediate family, there’s another level called Significance. Here, he no longer lives for himself but for a higher purpose. Different people have given different names to this new level. Abraham Maslow, in his famed Hierarchy of Needs theory, called it Self-Actualization. Viktor Frankl called it ‘Meaning’ in his book ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ and yet others call it Transcendence. In this book, you would find an exposition of what constitutes the Significant Life and how you can live it. It is suffused with anecdotes that you would find very engaging. Though the book is a Christian literature by every standard, non-Christians would find it relevant to their total experience. It is flavoured with cultural, economic, philosophical, political, scientific and social perspectives thus making it intellectually gripping.

Why You Should Buy This Book

Thank you for checking out this page. It means a lot to me. As you contemplate whether or not to buy this book, I have two reasons for you to consider: First, I strongly believe buying and reading this book will be a worthwhile investment of your money and time because it’s both inspirational and practical. It’s inspirational in the sense that it was divinely inspired. As a matter of fact, there are portions of the book I read and I wonder when I penned the content. The practical aspect has to do with the fact that I shared personal life experiences on the pages of the book. Some of the people that have read the book told me the positive impact of the book on their personal lives. The second reason is that buying this book will go a long way in empowering me to help other people. By virtue of where live and what I do, I see and hear many distressing situations people face. It’s estimated that 80 million Nigerians (50% percent of the population) live below the poverty line. I am not sure of the exact figure but the fact is that a lot of Nigerians suffer amidst plenty. Rather than complain about the situation, I’ve resolved to do the bit I can toward alleviating the suffering of those within my reach. I am encouraged by the fact that most Nigerians are enterprising, two things they lack are worthy mentors / coaches and capital. I am already doing something with respect to mentoring / coaching. The next phase is to assist deserving mentees with the seed capital they need to start their business ventures.