I have known Mr. Wale Adeniranye for over six years and in my dealings with him I have found him to be an honourable and honest man.

I have always found him to be calm, methodical, well read and intelligent and very professional and I am sure he will provide benefit to which ever profession or endeavour he chooses to take in the future.

Mr. Adeniranye has a very high sense of integrity and personal righteousness and I have always been proud to number him both as a business colleague and a friend.”

Alan Ashurst (former Director of Finance & Controls, PRESCO PLC)

Having known Wale Adeniranye for the past six years as my Bank Manager, I am privileged to have formed a lifetime relationship with a man of sincere integrity.  Even at the point of adversity, I feel the sincerity and actual empathy from (even) my Bank Manager who in most cases should be haunting for my collateral to be called in. Instead, he looked for ways, in terms of quality advice, to see me through the storm.  This is definitely a man I will entrust my affairs to any day.

Adam Olatunbosun Odukoya

Wale is an eloquent banker with practical business approach to his duties. As a friend, he is methodical in analyzing issues. Without mincing words, he exhibits great potentials of attaining heights.

Bayo Alli (CEO, Transoceanic Logistics Ltd)

Dear Wale

Thanks for this opportunity to make my comments. I believe you have:

  1. Good client-managing skills, that often times navigate ‘mine-fields’ with expertise that could only have come from experience – as displayed when relating to FBN Capital for example; and when you came to my house in December despite having a personal challenge at the home front!
  2. Good sense of responsibility –taking charge of a complex account like ours that you were not a part from beginning – and I mean TAKING CHARGE
  3. Big picture thinking that manifests in conceding a position when you take in the big angle e.g. as displayed during negotiations of rates on our investments
  4. Integrity that comes through all the time

Benson Ajayi (VP – Finance, Lekki Concession Company Limited)

My former bank manager, my friend and my brother, I believe if we take a census of those that have banked with you, most will still be your friend and probably have similar opinion about you. You are always willing and ready to be more than a banker; a partner in progress.

Kola James (MD, Komaj Nigeria Limited)

Mr. Wale Adeniranye is a person with a high degree of integrity. He is diligent and reliable. He has a good sense of judgment for untapped potentials and offers selflessly, the required support to maximise such potentials. He has proven to be a good partner where sustainable growth and development is desired and derives genuine satisfaction from attaining such goals.

Sam Kunu (MD, Insis Ltd)

Wale is a down-to-earth and humble gentleman. I have known him for over a decade now and he has NOT for one day disappointed me on my judgment of him. He puts his mind to whatever he sets out to achieve and lets the Lord guide him. He knows what he wants out of life.

Abimbola Sowemimo (Staff, Sterling Bank Plc)

It was great working with you. I find you to be a principled and dependable individual with integrity.

Adekunle Faleti (MD/CEO, Diamond Mortgages)

You are a good counselor, not to talk of the deep adages you share plus the fact that you advise from the heart, without discriminating with whom the advice is shared. Usually from such sessions I am lifted and I assess my own goals and actions as the case may be.

Despite your very strong convictions and belief on certain issues, discussing matters with you is not with the usual inhibitions as is the case with others.

Adeoye Paul-Taiwo (Staff, Sterling Bank Plc)

As a former colleague, I see Wale as an energetic and highly intelligent young man with a very sound analytical mind.

He has a passion for excellence in anything he does.

He is honest and a dependable young man, endowed with good leadership skills.

Aderonke Sobodu PhD (MD, Gideon Trust Microfinance Bank)

Wale is highly principled, intelligent, devoted, experienced and an excellent team player.

He sets ambitious goals for himself and can work under pressure. He is creative and possesses a remarkable ability to identify and address his clients’ needs while always protecting his employer’s interests.

Thanks to his professionalism, integrity and a quiet authority he is well respected by his peers, subordinates and clients.

Guy Sauvanet (COO, Banque Atlantique)

In the almost 8 years of our close relationship, Wale has always been a modest, principled and God-fearing person both in his private and career lives. He exhibits scrupulous qualities that could only have been sustained over the years, as a result of self-discipline. He has indeed inspired some of his colleagues and will continue to be a role model for the next generation.

Lanre Olalusi (Staff, Sterling Bank Plc)

Franklin Adewale Adeniranye is a mentor, a good listener and a patient tutor. He gives so much attention to details and can pick any one up from any level of life right on to the top. More importantly, Wale is a God fearing person, a man of Integrity, Focus and highly Professional… I owe a lot to him.

’Lola Dan-Agboola (Staff, Keystone Bank)

Wale is focused, diligent, calm and deliberate. He always motivates people around him to success.

Muyiwa Oyatokun (Staff, Keystone Bank)

Wale Adeniranye is a former colleague, a friend indeed and a brother.

Wale understands what it is to walk with GOD.

He is blessed with a knack for creativity and innovation with a lot of experience and versatility in his kitty.

Oloruntimilehin George (Staff, Standard Chartered Bank, Nigeria)

Wale comes across as a very deliberate personality, taking time and due care in taking in his environment, completely. Your quintessential considerate man, Wale is the one to take good care of all loose ends, and you can rely on him to take excellent care of the most difficult task, fully assured that he will deliver on schedule without sacrificing any quality. He has a rare knack for details, a very amiable personality and ready to assist others.

Remi Oni Dr. (Staff, Standard CharteredBank, Nigeria)

As a professional colleague, you are one of the few people I can vouch for their integrity. As a family man, I know you are a committed father and husband. I also know that you are passionate about the progress of people around you. Though, from a humble background, your humility is God-given, because by dint of hard work, determination and His special grace, you have reached a level in your life where you can now dine with ‘Kings andQueens’. As a friend, you are a true and trusted friend; A friend INDEED!

Segun Olaniyan (CEO, Alpha Endon)

Wale is a man who knows his strength and understands his limitations. As a result he is very sensitive and has great empathy for others which are the bed rock of his humility and ability to influence people.

Taiwo Okeowo (Executive Director, FBN Capital)

The Adewale I know? A true son of God, devoted husband and father, man of excellence.

Tolu Onabolu (CEO, Indepth Project Ltd)

Wale Adeniranye comes across as a leader who carries his weather along with him. He is proactive and has an unflinching passion for success. He has not only impacted my life, he has engraved an impression in me.

Uche Onyekwe

I have worked closely with Wale for about a year and half; through that time I have found him to be a very knowledgeable professional. He shares his knowledge freely, is generous with praise and patient with people. I have learned from Wale to show the golden heart to other persons I interact with in my own life.

Yomi Odedeyi (Staff, United Bank for Africa Plc)

Wale Adeniranye is a calm, intelligent and confident person. I perceive him as a caring and loving husband and father. He is soft spoken and has a personality and gentle spirit that draws you close to him.

Andy O. Ine (CEO, KrabHouse)

Wale is intelligent, practical, focused and modest. He has very strong family values and is God-fearing.

Benson Adenuga (Investment Principal, Actis)

I would say you have been a very consistent friend and person, one who does what he is or has committed to.

I trust God that heavenly provision will be made available to you to fulfill this mandate from heaven. 

Biodun Daniels

You are like the Biblical Sons of Issachar who have understanding of the times and seasons, and just like Gideon, you can no linger hide from your maker. It’s time to give expression to the knowledge God has given you.

This is the season of knowledge from God, knowledge to give power to anyone who cares to listen to what you have.

Bola Soyinka (Marketing Manager, Grand Oak Ltd)

You are a highly focused gentleman, particularly on your career. You spend little time on what you regard as frivolous, not important, and valueless. You may just be over-concentrating on one side of life, you need more time on that other part that does not fetch money but bring in total joy e.g. family, friends, leisure, games, knowledge etc.

Dele Bello

Of all my immediate friends and associates, Wale is outstanding for his independent mindset, level-headedness, integrity and prudence. He is someone who will proceed on any matter, only on the basis of deep convictions. Unfortunately, these attributes are no longer commonplace in our country today!

Dimeji Salaudeen (Partner, KPMG Professional Services)

Wale, when I think about you, three words that come to my mind are: passion, focus and integrity… virtues currently in short supply in our country.

I am certain that whatever endeavour you choose to pursue, you will be guided by these virtues for which I have known you.

Emmanuel Ogbechie (CEO, Q-Med Diagnostics)

Passion for integrity and excellence in every endeavour drives Wale Adeniranye’s life.  A man of eminent mind and character with an outstanding ability to care and add value in unique ways in every relationship he engages in (family, employment, associations, etc).

Felix O. Nwabuko (Staff, University College London)

Mr. Wale Adeniranye is a God-fearing and trusted friend for over twenty years.  He is a disciplined visionary.  His constant fellowship with Holy Spirit produces exceptional character and remarkable success in his life.  He is a man of integrity. I trust him.

John Olusoga Fasan (Senior Pastor, GFM Rep. of Ireland)

I recall your sense of focus and dedication, back in the mid ’90s, when we were going through the ICAN certification process. Despite the fact that you did not really ‘need’ to be an ACA; the less than ideal location of Safe Associates; and the significant risk of driving through Ojuelegba five nights each week, you maintained your focus and kept your eyes on the goal. That was very encouraging.

Lekan Odewole (Deloitte, New York)

I have known Wale from our University days.

He is a disciplined, dedicated and God-fearing person.

  • His lifestyle is simple and purposeful.
  • He has been a consistent friend over the years and I believe he has so much untapped potential.

Oloyede Fagbemi (Staff, Standard Chartered Bank Nigeria)

In his relationship with God: born an Adam, saved by Jesus Christ and constantly seeking him.

In his corporate / work responsibilities: a great leader, epitome of hard work, dedication and discipline; respected by subordinates, loved by peers, admired by superiors.

In his contemporary life: an ideal son, loyal friend, loving husband, caring father.

Olu Odugbemi (CEO, Strategy & Leadership Development Consulting)

As a friend, I’ll say, since I’ve known you, you’ve been consistently God-fearing! You dig into the Word and apply it to your daily live. This must have contributed immensely to your growth and promotions at work as well! You are also a very contented man and I can see you transferring these values to your children as well!

Thanks for the opportunity to express my truthful observation about you.

Sotayo Sonuga (CEO, Haven Homes)

In my own reckoning, you are a God-fearing man, dutiful to your family and concerned about the growth of any organisation you work for and always desirous of fruitful results as the bottom line. Like you used to say, ”No story…for our children; but action in godly ways.”

Wale Aderoju (Pastor, The Redeemed Christians Church of God)

I have known Wale closely for over twenty years, in the early part of our liaison he proved to be rather tough to compete against as he topped our graduating class. In the course of his career he has also proven to be a dependable, reliable and thoroughbred professional. Wale has for sometime now been consumed with the desire to break out and do something for himself, I have no doubts about his ability to succeed in what he has set out to do.

Wale Oyedeji (Executive Director, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc)

Mr. Adeniranye has a rare meekness which helps people around him see themselves as if they stand in front of a mirror. He is a cautiously optimistic person, who understands timing. I remain one of his admirers.’

Yemi Amuwo (CEO, Benjamin Michaels Limited)

Wale knows and is strong in his conviction about what he wants, and how he should go about it. He is not easily swayed or influenced by the noise and all the goings-on around, and what is in season. He is what I will describe as a “long-termist”, with his actions and decisions primarily informed by what will immediately or ultimately afford him peace of mind and peace with his fellow man.

Yinka Mayungbo (Director, Africa Movie Channels)

You are indeed my FRIEND, a loving FATHER to our children and a gentle LEADER in our household.

Abimbola Adeniranye